PhD Joan Vinyets i Rejón
Expert in Human Centered Design and applied anthropology to design value propositions

What I do?

I am assessing, directing and facilitating research, innovation and design projects, strategies and programs, both in the private and in the public sphere, that will generate transformative ideas for positive change.
I help explore innovation and design challenges through qualitative research and in-depth analysis of the main actors, implementing this learning to co-create value proposals and develop solutions that respond to people's needs.


  • Through a transversal approach.

  • Using an iterative and collaborative process.

  • Designing with people questioned by the contingent solution.

  • Applying ethnographic techniques, creative thought and cocreation processes.

Projects and collaborations


Un mundo en clave F

Joan Vinyets

Language: Spanish

A book that explores new dynamics of wealth creation and productivity based on the values attributed to women. The key lies in the feminization of the world, by feminizing organizations (companies, institutions, governments, etc.), and learning from the female modus operandi that is inherent in every human being. It also gathers the testimonies and visions of leading Spanish women.

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