Reinventing Spain

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Spain is different

We are at the end of the year 2013 and the future for the next year doesn’t look very appealing, especially due the government lack of vision. Since the start of the crisis in 2008, all Spanish cities have experienced weekly protests, the vast majority of them peaceful. Popular party took office with Mariano Rajoy as prime minister in 2011 and issued a series of austerity measures and cutbacks in health and education and labor and financial reforms in an effort to refloat the economy, but we are at the end of 2013 and more than 20% of people are unemployed.

Is not just a cost, stupid!

There is a new “creation” economy (designers, marketers, engineers, technologists, social scientists, artists…) emerging around the world but our government still focusing their measures in “cutting costs”. Jobs in the Spanish production economy are being lost but the government had been not active in favoring jobs in the creation economy. As a result, the impact of a blind policy, only focused on reducing costs, has been that today in Spain many industries are acting on the guiding principles of building a business to scale rapidly, reducing costs. Many of the most successful business in Spain have been able to thrive by putting the interest of capital investors first but not promoting the prosperity of their local communities.

This current model, only focused in accelerate profits, often shows some negative signs as driving down quality and value for the consumer, poorer services and less convenience. From this perspective of cutting out costs and “inefficiency”, this model has exceptional results but … what if we look at it on the basis of their social impact and the contribution of a sustainable economy…?

Reinventing Spain

What we need is a new type of companies, to create an alternative to traditional scale business based on principles that promote social economic prosperity, enliven local communities; putting the customer first, prioritizing customer value over chip prices, focusing on quality and value co-creation, creating jobs and economic growth in the communities the business serve. Placing customers’ needs ahead of capital motivations and promoting a “People Centered Innovation” approach is central to build a new manufacturing model. Companies that view employees merely as a cost to be squeezed tend to overlook the importance of human capital and their creative intelligence in creating lasting value and profit.

For reinventing our economy model we need is to grow in accordance with demand and promoting quality and sustainability, to build a new model for affording lower risk and reducing waste. We need a different model driven by values not just costs; a new model for placing our creative intelligence to serve a market, subordinating the scaling to the needs of customers and the sustainability of our communities. This is an amazing challenge!

What we need is reinventing Spain and redefining its role in the global economy, but I don’t think the current measures are what we require to refloat the economy. Why not to put our intelligence, capabilities and knowledge to turn the country into the quality leader? We have a new year, we have a new opportunity.

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